Property management

PROPERTY Real Estate Agency is a professional and effective real estate broker. The agency presents real estate offers of its clients both on the website: and on all major Internet portals operating in the real estate industry. Offers of real estate accepted for sale with exclusivity brockerage contract agreed between the parties, such as houses, plots of land, commercial buildings, tenements are additionally highlighted, conquered on these portals. Properties that are to be accepted for sale are viewed by the Broker, their legal status, construction documentation and other documents necessary for sale are verified. A maximum offer price is agreed with the owner, which must include price negotiations at a reasonable level acceptable to the Seller. Thanks to this approach, in principle, all offers accepted for brokering with this type of agreement can be sold before the end of the exclusivity period.

Both the Seller and the Broker have a common goal to achieve - sale of the property for the maximum transaction price obtainable in a given market situation. At this point it should be signaled that many factors affect the time of sale, among others the need to obtain the necessary documents for sale, e.g. the decision on building conditions for real estate located in areas without a local spatial development plan, supplementing / completing construction documentation, sometimes also removing the discrepancy between data in the land registry and data in the land and mortgage register, e.g. regarding area, obtaining mortgage by the buyer. The agency provides free assistance in obtaining a mortgage on financed real estate purchase prices. The signing of a preliminary contract for the purchase of real estate depends on prior verification of the buyer's creditworthiness in order not to expose the parties to signing impossible to execute preliminary contracts connected with the payment of the deposit. The transaction is to be secure for the parties, which is why the Agency also cooperates with credit brokerage companies, which after positive verification of the possibility of obtaining a loan by the buyer, return the deposit paid to the client in the event of a subsequent refusal to grant a loan.

The following are examples of the offers sold by AN PROPERTY together with the time of sale from the moment of signing the sales agency contract to the date of the notarial deed of sale. This time also includes the period between the previously concluded preliminary contract and the date of the notarial deed of the final contract. So, in fact, the time it took to find a customer was much shorter than that presented in the photo descriptions.







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