Zarządzanie najmem

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Clients who report a flat to the PROPERTY Real Estate Agency for brokerage in its rental may also use an additional service provided by the office, i.e. rental management. An agreement is then signed in which the client entrusts the Administrator with the performance of activities related to the management of the subject of the lease, which include (excerpt from the lease management agreement):

  1. representing the Ordering Party on the basis of a power of attorney in all matters relating to the managed subject of the rent before the Tenant, a housing association / housing cooperative, media and service providers, as well as institutions and offices (except for the Tax Office),

  2. negotiating the terms of the rent with candidates for tenants on behalf of the Ordering Party,

  3. signing and terminating rent contract on behalf of the owner,

  4. handing over the subject of the rent to the Tenant and its collection after the rental period, along with a detailed handover protocol and photographic documentation,

  5. preparation of the subject of the rent for lease in place of the Ordering Party,

  6. monitoring and taking care of the proper technical condition of the subject of the rent by supervising the course of the rent,

  7. managing payments, in particular servicing rent settlements and service charges between the Ordering Party and the Tenant,

  8. ongoing contact with the Ordering Party and the Tenant, receipt of applications, letters, and tenants' interventions,

  9. outsourcing insurance of the subject of the rent to insurance companies

  10. informing the Ordering Party about the need to carry out repair works and their estimated cost,

  11. organizing repair works at the cost of the owner and in agreement with the owner,

  12. controlling the timeliness of settlements with Tenant - after consulting with the Ordering Party, delivering requests for payment, commissioning claims to attorneys, legal advisers, and debt collection companies,

  13. preparation of written annual reports covering all receipts and expenses related to the serviced rental.

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