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AMR-MS-285 Łódź, Polesie, Koziny - apartment for sale



Agent's details

Surname Andrzej Dębski
Phone (+48) 42 630 56 66
Mobile phone (+48) 602 646 021
No License 487


Offer no. AMR-MS-285
Location Łódź, Polesie, Koziny, Marcina Kasprzaka
Building type block
Total area [m2] 74,19 m²
Floor 2floor
No. of rooms 3
Price 289 000 PLN
Price/m2 3895.40 PLN


Costs included in House community fee Repair fund, heating, water, a lump sum for water, co, garbage disposal
Costs depending on use Current, gas
Storey 3
Basement [m2] 3,00 m²
Condition to be restored
Legal status separate ownership of property
House community fee 511 PLN
Windows PCV
Balcony none
Gas yes - city
Water Heat - city
Surrounding blocks of flats
Heating vir_listalng_co_miejskie


No. of rooms 3
Room height 2,7500 m
Rooms area 19/19/15 m²
Rooms floors parquet
Kitchen type vir_listalng_oddzielna_i_widna
Kitchen area 10,00 m²
Kitchen floor terracotta
Bathroom type separately from the toilet
No. of bathroom 1
Bathroom glaze without glaze
Bathroom floor PCV
Bathroom equipment bath
No. of Toilets 1
Toilet glaze without glaze
Toilet floor PCV
Hall floor parquet

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