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PRO-LW-8013 Łódź, Śródmieście - premise for rent



Agent's details

Surname Anetta Dębska
Phone (+48) 42 630 56 66
Mobile phone (+48) 501 212 999

Agent's supervisor

No License 487


Offer no. PRO-LW-8013
Location Łódź, Śródmieście, OK. NARUTOWICZA
Building type detached building
Total area [m2] 205,00 m²
Usable area [m2] 205,00 m²
Floor ground floor
Rental commission 7 175 PLN
Price/m2 35.00 PLN


Costs depending on use Current, Water, co, gas
Condition very good
Legal status property
Windows PCV
Fittings listed
Premises type one-storey
Premises utility service, Office Supplies
Rent net/m2 35 PLN
Rent gross/m2 43 PLN
Access asphalt
Heating Gas
Disabled- friendly yes
Parking available yes
Self parking place yes
Security roller blinds yes


No. of offices 5
No. of storage rooms 1
No. of social rooms 1
No. of sanitary rooms 2

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