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ABL-GS-5257 Andrespol, Janówka - parcel for sale


Agent's details

Surname Andrzej Dębski
Phone (+48) 42 630 56 66
Mobile phone (+48) 602 646 021
No License 487

Agent's supervisor

No License 6309


Offer no. ABL-GS-5257
Location Andrespol, Janówka
Total area [m2] 1 800,00 m²
Price 249 000 PLN
Price/m2 138.33 PLN


Palcel`s development undevelopped
Parcel surface flat
Shape of parcel rectangle
Parcel fencing shortage
Gas in the street
Water in the street
Access paved road
Surrounding built-up land
Location out of town
Current in the street