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KWK-DS-3118 Zapolice, Pstrokonie - house for sale



Agent's details

Surname Andrzej Dębski
Phone (+48) 42 630 56 66
Mobile phone (+48) 602 646 021
No License 487

Agent's supervisor

No License 20112


Offer no. KWK-DS-3118
Location Zapolice, Pstrokonie
Total area [m2] 40,00 m²
Lot dimensions 26x180 m
No. of rooms 2
Price 95 000 PLN
Price/m2 2375.00 PLN


No. of storey 1
Building technology wood
Windows old wooden
Fittings not listed
Palcel`s development partially developed
Parcel surface Partial woody
Shape of parcel rectangle
House type Cottage
Roof cover eternit
Usage permit (Certificate of Occupancy) yes
Building state to be restored
Parcel fencing net
Water yes
Access asphalt
Surrounding recreational areas
Heating central
Current yes
Sewage system cesspool


No. of rooms 2
Rooms area 15 m²
Rooms floors plank
Kitchen type Kitchenette
Kitchen area 6,00 m²
Kitchen floor plank
No. of anterooms 1
Antechambers area 4,00 m²