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N55-DS-8960 Aleksandrów Łódzki (gw) - house for sale



Agent's details

Surname Andrzej Dębski
Phone (+48) 42 630 56 66
Mobile phone (+48) 602 646 021
No License 487

Agent's supervisor

No License 7743


Offer no. N55-DS-8960
Location Aleksandrów Łódzki (gw), Protazego
Total area [m2] 123,00 m²
Usable area [m2] 100,00 m²
Lot dimensions 28X26 m
No. of rooms 3
Price 700 000 PLN
Price/m2 5691.06 PLN


Parking space detached house
Legal status freehold
Windows PCV
Fittings vir_listalng_elektryczna_wodna_gazowa
Balcony terrace
Parcel area [m2] 705 m²
Palcel`s development undevelopped
Parcel surface flat
Shape of parcel square
House type Single-family house
Roof cover papa
Usage permit (Certificate of Occupancy) yes
Building state to finish
Basement yes
Parcel fencing concrete


No. of rooms 3
Rooms floors concrete screed
Kitchen type kitchen annex - part of living room
Kitchen area 9,10 m²
Kitchen floor concrete screed
Bathroom type along with the toilet
No. of bathroom 1
Bathroom area [m2] 5,10 m²
Bathroom glaze without glaze
Bathroom floor concrete screed
Bathroom equipment bath, shower, toilet, washbasin
No. of Toilets 1
Toilet glaze without glaze
Toilet floor concrete screed
Antechambers area 7,60 m²
Hall floor concrete screed